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  1. Great product. Great service. Combination of tri-corners, monster traps and 242s at first reflection took small bedroom from unlistenable to an absolutely fantastic listening room. My wife even likes the way the room looks. Good value too. More improvement per dollar than any equipment I’ve ever made.

  2. Since I have been working with your panels my mixes translate better on other systems then ever before. Good, friendly and fast service. +++ cheers lads, and if I’m in need for some more acoustic treatment I know where to go!

  3. I’d be ‘in the dark’ without my many GIK 244s and Monsters. Glenn and company have created the easiest most budget friendly direct route to massively effective room treatment. The more I add the better my mixes sound. I considered adding a sub at one point. That would have been the biggest mistake. Once I got 5 or 6 GIKs in my control room I could hear that my Focal Twins were giving me all I needed, it was my room that was eating up the bottom octaves. LONG LIVE GIK!

  4. Thank you for your advice in making my practice room enjoyable. Your product is easy to work with and the result is a dramatic improvement.

  5. I’ve never known what was actually happening in the bass region until now…and the diffusors brought back the life to my control room!

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