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  1. I changed my room results dramatically. It’s better to treat the room than pay a lot of money on speakers or hardware. After Gik advice I work safe fast and trusting my mixes.

  2. Habe 2 Wandabsorber gekauft. Lieferung ca. 2Wochen, die Kommunikation war sehr gut.
    Das Produkt ist sehr gut verpackt angekommen.Die Qualität der Materialien und die Verarbeitung sind sehr gut. Eigentlich schon zu gut für den fairen Preis.
    10 von 10 Punkten.
    Ganz nebenbei: Funktion auch Top!

  3. My room had so much reverb that it sounded like you were in a restroom trying to make music.

    I got the portable sound booths in each corner of the room to eliminate the reverb, and literally 90% of the reverb is gone.

    The delivery took a bit longer than the expect 2-3 weeks expected, set up was easy and quick. Thank you!

  4. Cool beans. Room turned out stellar. 85% of the space is stunning. THere was one back left near window area, where we couldnt reign in on low end, but entire front 2/3 is killer. Even with mid fields. Quite impressive James.

    Asia was a joy to deal with on the multiple calls for shipping updates to make sure we got stuff in time, and for missing cables and hooks.

    and…. drum roll, Christina found me ceiling mounts in warehouse some place. And rec’d them on install day!!! Woot woot.


    Thank you for your service,
    david levy scoring

  5. Mike M. was extremely helpful trying to offer an AbFuser for my small listening 2.1 Stereo room! The 2A Alpha Series panels were well made and beautiful, however I was unable to “improve” my already great room acoustics in anyway.

    The return process was handled as equally well as the purchase process…Overall from A to Z, Great Service!!!

  6. The vocal booth (2) was constructed well except for the hardware at the top and on the edges.. for the price ($700) I expected a little more quality. Flimsy hardware and not dependable to hold it’s position. Unfortunately, I’m not a happy camper.

  7. I’m in love with these things. They look great and are super effective but I received them both broken in the same place. Because the broken part is at the top I had to install them upside down, to hide the flaws.

  8. Big thanks to John and GIK. I had a room that was just plain bad sounding and he gave me a direction for treatment. My room now sounds great. Not too dead, definitely not too resonant. Everything arrived safely and in supreme condition. I will be back for more if/when I expand. No brainer.

  9. So, from the get go I get a poorly packaged, broken, lackluster quality Impression series product, I’m promised from Shelly a full set on top of mine to replace them (which put me at ease enough to not just return them), they confirm this several times, then Christina TRIES TO RETRACT THIS for some reason, then say they will in fact send the replacements, THEN DON’T by sending only plates instead, and TO ICE THE CAKE, they’re now giving me the silent treatment?…

    This box only allows so many characters, so I’ll be writing my full detailed review of this ridiculous experience elsewhere all over the web.

  10. The result after the installation of the equipement is really nice, and file all my needs. This correct all the sound problem i had in my room. There is some imperfections on one of the wood plate visible only on a closer look that’s why i only put 4 stars.

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